Steps for preparing a drone light show

Steps for preparing a drone light show

Before the drone light show performance is done the following steps will be accomplished:

  1. Site Survey
    Site survey involves obtaining site parameters such as available space, the size of the audience and other venue-specific parameters. This process enables customization of the system to suite the venue parameters.
  2. Risk assessment through Simulation
    This is done by putting the venue parameters in the simulation model and running the simulation to identify potential risks and identifying measures to mitigate the identified risks.
  3. Software Customization
    Customizing the drone light show software based on the venue parameters and client’s specifications;
    Considering other entertainment provisions such as background music or life performances;
    Identifying how many drones, flight trajectories, speed and time of performance for the best outcomes;
    Synchronizing the drone movements with LED lighting design.
  4. Fleet check to identify the special range of each drone
    Test performance will be done to identify how drones move relative to each other and adjustments will be done accordingly.
  5. Placement of appropriate safety protocols
    This will involve obtaining required approvals and authorizations from regulatory agencies including fire departments, security agencies and FAA where necessary.

Steps on the show day

  1. Setting up communication station – The communication station is also the control station where drone operators will be operating the system from. All the necessary equipment will be put in place depending on the requirements of the performance.
  2. Lay out drone on their respective landing pads – in readiness for the performance all the drones will be placed on their takeoff positions depending on the findings of the test performance.
  3. Obtain clearance for takeoff – when all the operational and safety requirements are satisfied, the operators will get clearance to launch the drones to start the performance. Clearance for takeoff will be primarily based on assessment of safety protocols at the time of performance.
  4. Begin the light show performance – the show is run based on the customized system inputs. The performance will be monitored closely by operators to identify faults and provide remediation measures.
  5. End of performance – when the performance is over, safe landing of the drones will be done and drones will be moved to safe storage.

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