Drone Light Show Production System

drone light show production system

Though drones were once used specifically for surveillance purposes in wars, the present has seen a shift in their usage from the military to commercial and leisure uses. As there has been a vast evolution in a variety of technologies over the past few years concerning the components used to create a drone, development on these systems have been exponential. There is now sufficient technology to create a moving light show by having multi-colored Light Emitting Diodes attached to drones that fly in unison to create aesthetically pleasing patterns.

Introducing the Drone Light Show Production System

1. Innovative, safe and eco-friendly

The drone light show system is meant to address the challenges of the current light show alternatives including fireworks and laser light shows. The drone light show system is a system that will enable light show display using a swarm of drones based on a pre-programmed design with LED light displays in a manner that will provide entertainment to the audience. The aim of the system is to provide alternative entertainment to fireworks and laser light displays. This system will provide an entertainment alternative which is innovative, safe and eco-friendly.

2. Entertainment

The drone light show system involves operation of swarm of drones equipped with LED lights where the drone movement is synchronized with the lighting of the LEDs to produce specific light patterns, 3D animation, skywriting, storytelling for crowd entertainment.

3. Advertising

The drone light show system permits special customization of the drone trajectories and the lighting patterns to display special messages or advertisements for individuals and organizations.

4. Outdoor and Indoor

The drone light show system is designed for crowd entertainment in outdoor areas such as sports stadiums, squares, parks, open grounds, lake/river/seaside, and also can be customized to control drone light show performance in indoor areas such as basketball arenas, gala stages, convention centers, and other forms of public gatherings.

5. Up to 30-minute-long performance

Drone light show Performances will done for a period of up to 30 minutes. But due to limitations of battery capacity, the availability of show time slots between games or at half time, the current optimal show time is about 20 minutes.

For clarity of the light show, the most appropriate time for drone light performances will be at night or in low light conditions.

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